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Jesus commanded us to Love God and our neighbours as ourselves 

Here are some of the things you can do locally:


SOCIAL ACTION 1 - Meal Bank A local emergency meals service.


We are looking for someone to take over coordinating a team of volunteers 3 or 4 times a year to provide meals for those in temperory distress.  To find out more please ring Lorna (840-689) or Chris (840-540).


MEAL BANK consists of a group of volunteers who cook and store ready Meals for use in case of emergency.


Withdrawals:  Meals stored in the Bank are for anyone in the neighbourhood suffering an emergency or disaster such as bereavement, hospitalisation, fire or flooding when preparing and cooking food is difficult.

The Meals are packed in single, double or family size foil containers and labelled with contents and date. There will also be puds and scrumptious cakes as Mums certainly do not have time to bake in these circumstances and children need treats as well as calories.


If you know of a person or family needing help please contact the Vicar (840219) or his Churchwardens Margaret Keeble (862204) and Mary Morgan (840304). A specially designed label will describe this as a gift from Christians in Elham. The success of this scheme depends on rapid communication and sometimes requires complete confidentiality and anonymity.


Deposits: If you would like to contribute to the Meal Bank please contact The Church Wardens or Lorna Astbury (840689)or Chris Osborne (840540). Foil containers and labels will be provided.


SOCIAL ACTION 2 - Join us in praying for peace in our world.  Do this at home or join us in St. Mary's Church Elham at 7.00 a.m. every Friday.


SOCIAL ACTION 3 - Visit sick and housebound people or those in hospital.  For more details contact DianaWheeler dianawheeler@btinternet.com

 (Tel: 01303 840 310).


SOCIAL ACTION 4 - Come to the  local FAQs meetings with speakers and discussion on subjects such as the environment, health etc. which have been initiated by St. Mary's Elham. Details from Dr. Denis Osborne (Tel: 01303 840540)do@governance.org.uk  


SOCIAL ACTION 5 - Feed two hungry people in the world a day just simply by clicking the link.


SOCIAL ACTION 6 - Support with food and other gifts the Rainbow Centre for the homeless in Folkestone


SOCIAL ACTION 7 - Support Christian Aid for the world's hungry and poor.


SOCIAL ACTION 8 - Buy Fairtrade Goods from our churches.


And why not join the Friends of St. Mary's Church?






Look at the Elham Environment Group's Website



What the Archbishop of Canterbury has said recently.